''The new store is FULLY stocked with the cutest bikinis and cover ups! What I love about Lumieres de Baia is they actually let you buy tops and bottoms separately in different sizes, I've never understood why so many other stores don't let you do that. but this is just another plus to come here and pick out a cute little top and a bigger bottom if you need more coverage. 
I love all the new prints they've come out with as well, very vivid colors and the quality is just amazing compared to what you find else where in Toronto. Basically you have such a huge selection it’s hard not to leave the store with more than 1 cute bikini.''

Mel - Toronto, CA


'Très bon service, grande diversité de choix. Mon bandeau est arrivé en moins de 48h. Specialise dans le depareillé.'

Audrey - Montreal, QC


'New location on Queen St!  So many cute prints, styles, and colors....Lumieres de Baia is the only swimwear shop that can make me want to wear a Brazilian cut!  The store is neatly organized and spread out (unlike a lot of bikini shops that are smushed together making it a headache to find something cute).  I think that most bikinis are around $60-70 and the quality is great so you can wear it over and over.  They have an assortment of styles, so be prepared to spend some time in the store finding your perfect fit.  

You can also shop for their bikinis online: www.lumieresdebaia.com 

GLUCK! :)''

Jen - Mississauga, ON


'Good quality label, really enjoy shopping with them!'

Natasha, Toronto, ON

'Every time I walk in I feel like heaven!'

Sandra, Toronto, ON


‘International store of the Lumieres de Baia brand bikinis. They offer a great array of Brazilian bikinis in various styles and lots of different prints. They also offer other beachwear.

I found them online browsing for Brazilian bikinis store and ordered 2 bikinis set. They have an excellent website, with clear pictures of all bikinis and detailed description. You can browse by product type, color, size, etc. Costumers are also allowed to post product reviews.

Received my order in 5 business days.  I also Contacted them a couple of times regarding new arrivals and always got a reply within 24 hrs. I will keep shopping with LDB for my next gateways.’

Shawna, Ottawa, ON


‘Fantástico lugar para comprar bikinis, tienen verdaderos cortes brasileñas. Me encanta mucho!!’

Isabella, Barcelona, Spain


‘Très grande sélection de bikinis brésiliens. Je pense qu’ils sont les seuls a vendre du vrai brésilien sur MTL et sa région. Nous magasinons a chaque fois que nous partons en vacances!’

Julie, Montréal, QC


‘Ok après avoir pris un certain temps sur le web pour trouver mon magasin de bikinis brésiliens, j’ai finalement flashé sur LDB. On trouve de nombreuses boutiques de bikini brésilien sur internet de nos jours cependant  la triste réalité est une fois de plus la fabrication est souvent médiocre et faite en chine, Turquie…

Le  vrai bikini brésilien est de grande qualité et très durable, c’est le cas de tous les bikinis LDB. Après avoir passé un dizaine de commandes chez eux, je n’ai jamais été déçu!’

Laure, Marseille, France